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  • Roger

    Nifty dogs, Diana! and Corsica, too.

    • admin

      Dogs are the best—to look at anyway.

  • admin

    Thank you. It is a dessign.net theme. http://www.dessign.net/

  • I found your site through some comments on LinkedIn. This is absolutely AMAZING work! I hope you don’t mind that I study your work and learn from it. Thanks!

  • cat

    Wow! You’re really getting good at clouds! Bravo! Do keep it up! …for our pleasure 🙂

  • cat

    C’est triste…mais c’est beau.

  • Barbara Chan CPCC CMC

    Love your watercolor sketches of your travels Diana!

  • cat

    WELCOME TO FRANCE my dear sister!

  • admin

    I’m loving it! Thank you for all the physical, moral & emotional support!

  • Odile

    Merci Diana de m’avoir fait revivre cette soirée. Ce fut un grand moment de théâtre. Ta description (tant littéraire que picturale) est un vrai plaisir. Bravo à toi de saisir l’instant.

  • Odile

    Encore de bons moments passés avec toi et Cathy !

    • admin

      et merci à toi d’écrire sur mon site!


    wonderful drawings I would love to realize by myself !


    bravo ANNE MARIE

  • Odile

    Grâce à toi je viens de faire un voyage au Maroc en restant dans mon salon. C’était très agréable, tes dessins sont vraiment parlants. Tout les détails nous transportent là bas. Je suis vraiment contente que ce voyage t’ai plu. Tu n’as peur de rien, à peine arrivée en France et pas encore installée, tu pars pour un autre pays totalement inconnu.
    Total respect comme ils disent !

  • cat

    Thank you Diana for sharing your experience, offering us your beautiful drawing-paintings and interesting comments to go with. You are definitely inspiring and I deeply and endlessly admire your skills.
    With love from Cat

  • Sophie

    You do make us all want to go to Morocco! What beautiful images.

  • Maureen

    Thank you for taking us to Morocco! Such gorgeous drawings and transporting narrative! You have such amazing talents!

  • Anne

    Quel talent!Le Maroc a une belle âme à travers tes yeux et tes mains! On sent la lumière…Merci!!

  • Bernard

    Bravo ils sont vachement beaux tes dessins et tes peintures sur la pétanque putain-con!
    J’ai vu qu’il y avait des photos de kékes mais je n’ai pas vu les photos des cagoles!
    Y a Jacky qui est venu avec sa mobi mais comme il s’était empégué au pastaga il est resté à la maison peuchère.
    Et le gillou il a niqué ses nébus en faisant tomber une boulle sur ses agassins le con, putain.
    Heureusement putain personne ne s’est engasté, fatchi denti.
    Allé con à l’an que ven les gonzes, tchao.

  • Maureen

    What a wonderful overview of our trip! It’s transporting! Thanks for putting this together and sharing your experience.

  • Kim McQuaite

    Thanks! Loved seeing the pix with the explanations/descriptions!

  • Sophie

    I Love the colours in these!! I can feel the warm air.

  • Jennie

    This blog is transporting. Thank you for sharing the visuals, the history, the culture, and a bit of yourself. So, how do you make the pickled cucumbers?

  • admin

    Pickled cucumbers: 1 kilo sugar, 1 litre water, 1 litre white vinegar, 200 gms ginger. Boil these and cool. Add thinly sliced cucumbers. Leave in for 24 hours. They’ll be good for about 3 days. You can use the leftover liquid for more.

  • cat

    J’adore ces croquis, très actuels! Continue d’observer pour notre régal!

  • Happy we’ve reconnected

    xo Robin

  • Linda Walker

    A gorgeous silk scarf, and I love the colours. Who realised there could be so many different types of fountain in one city, each telling a unique story. I’m impressed by the historical knowledge as well as the designs.

    Do tell us how we can buy it.

  • admin

    Glad you like it. If anyone would like to buy the silk twill scarf (FYI, the white outer edge gets hidden by the rolled hem) please let me know. I am charging 85€; postage is extra.

  • Mary James

    Very nice

  • Dan Miller

    I imagine you’ll have to replenish the green section of your watercolor box: so many different shades there.

    • admin

      You are absolutely right! I had to buy several new tubes of oils and pans of green. The last night at a pub we heard a song called “40 shades of Green” (much nicer than 50 grey ones)

  • Deborah Klesenski

    Diana – you are as beautiful and talented as ever! I came across your name in my address book today and thought I’d take a look at your new website. Your work is stunning. Hello from New York City, Deborah

    • admin

      Hi there Debbie!! So good of you to check in. I’d love to catch up with how you are doing. Living in France now and full-time art, dance and music. All the best

  • Cathie Mccormick

    I have heard much praise about you and your work for years and am delighted to find you here. Your work is incredible.. but I am not surprised. Only wish I could get to actually see it!
    Trust you are well; you certainly have been through a lot in the first few years.

    • admin

      Hi there Cathie! Thanks for looking at my site and thanks for the kind words! All the best!

  • Adele Sullivan

    very interesting. I regret never having visited this beautiful city although I have visited the Midi several times.Thank you for the lovely photos.
    Adele Sullivan (Louise’s Mom)

  • Excellent recap. It was so amazing having you be able to spend the week with us exploring all these new places and experiences. I do think we need to visit Porto together next time. Claire got to see quite a bit of the town, and I was in my wine conference and the Douro valley, so I didn’t get to see much. The Douro is the most beautiful wine country I have ever seen –spectacular! Can’t wait for the next time we can see you.

  • Eric Tango

    De plus, cela ressemble aux aiguilles d’une horloge pour le temps qui passe…C’est très beau! !

    • admin

      Merci Eric! Gentille d’avoir regardé mon site

  • Sophie Currier

    Hi Nana! It’s Lea and my mom, your drawings are fantastic – I recognized our coffee maker! Sounds very busy and fun!
    Love, Lea

  • Ulrike thouveny

    hello diana!
    your trip to naples was so terrific!! wowww!
    and i love the drawings you made!!??
    thank you so much for sharing your very good moments.
    …..we are waiting for more?!
    see you soon

  • Ellen Parker

    How brilliant and beautiful – really, who does need Facebook! You are making me think…that’s always good. Maybe a website is a better idea…And it is always such a pleasure to see you artwork.
    Much love to you Diana, from the land of insanity –

  • Anne McKay

    Claire!! A total knock-out…BEAUTIFUL…the Brits would be amazed, as I am!

  • So thorough, Diana! I hope you don’t mind if I share this with friends who will appreciate your story.

    • admin

      Sure Susan, go ahead and share. I like the idea that others might enjoy reading about my experiences, which were very moving.

  • How wondering to discover this post today! Your words and pictures are beautiful, and your candor is delightful. I miss seeing you, but your writing is so conversational that I feel as though we’re in the same room. Besos!

    • admin

      Hi there Nancy, so flattered you like my posts. I try to put things down as I experienced them. I miss you too! Besos a ti

  • David Lundholm

    Hi Diana
    Glad to see you had a fascinating time in Buenos Aires… Recognised a few of the places from your descriptions, the fabulous drawings and the photos… and looking forward to hearing all about Patagonia too…
    Kind regards


    • admin

      Thank you for looking at my blog—I just send my thoughts out into the ether like messages in a bottle and really don’t expect anyone to look at them. I’ve finished with the posts on Patagonia, which I loved (thank you for your advice on this place).

  • Cat

    Thank you Diana dear for taking time to put together this fantastic résumé of your stay in Buenos Aires! I love your drawings and the moments you capture with your camera. Beautiful indeed with the luxury of having all your comments written out with simplicity, skill and authenticy. To be shared for sure!! Keep up the messages in the bottle for our pleasure! oxo

  • Cat

    Beautiful, wonderful nature!! I really feel as if I were there with you! Sooo exotic! I love the penguins. Thanks for sharing with words, drawings and photos 🙂

  • Cat

    Oh so very authentic !
    I totally relate to your description and appreciate the details like the experiences at the P.O.
    Thx for sharing

  • These prints are marvelous, Diana! Thanks for sharing your process.

  • Maria

    Hola Diana ! Encantada de ver tu trabajo acabado. Eres una artista completa, no dejo de admirar tu capacidad creativa. Gracias, saludos !

  • Ellen Parker

    Wonderful, Diana – a very essence-oriented way of presenting an image – does that thought even make sense? Lovely to see. Thank you!

  • Dave

    Like! Like! Like!

  • Brava, Diana!

  • Caroline

    Nana, c’est magnifique tes lino gravures. J’adore cette technique !
    Maintenant que le virus est moins virulent, tu peux retourner te promener, c’est tellement beau ces endroits.
    Je t’embrasse

  • Dimitri Aguero

    Lovely drawing… You deserve a wide publication.

  • I love reading your updates, Diana, and I especially love seeing your drawings. I thought you’d enjoy this story about two friends who’ve been writing haiku to each other every day during the pandemic. Let me know if you want to try it! https://www.theatlantic.com/family/archive/2020/11/these-friends-write-haiku-every-day-during-pandemic/617078/

    • admin

      Thank you Nancy for following my infrequent updates! As for poetry, though I like creating visual haiku, it’s an art form out of my range

  • Dimitri Aguero

    Fantastic and beautiful

  • Salazar

    ¡Este encierro parece darte alas! mi querida artista, aunque pienso que las alas de tu imaginación, tu curiosidad, tu creatividad, son tus compañeras desde hace mucho mucho tiempo.
    ¡Enhorabuena! Además de despertarnos la curiosidad ornitológica, me has ayudado a desempolvar mis rudimentos de inglés (hay frases que aún con el diccionario no comprendo)….
    Gracias por compartirnos tu afilada mirada.

    • admin

      Gracias Rosa para tus palabras amables!

  • Maria Bellosillo

    Magnífico trabajo Diana, delicado y didáctico!
    Y con ese toque personal tuyo tan próximo de la naturaleza
    En efecto, a pesar de este período tan incierto, sigues estando inspirada

  • These are all beautiful compositions and skilled drawings – seems like it would be difficult to achieve in this medium. Also feel very Japanese. Like your use of the limited palette of blue on white paper. Great info snippets. And I DO like the pigeon image a good deal. My grandfather raised pigeons in Pittsburgh. We now have a bird feeder for humming birds. So much fun to observe them. In fact we spend a lot of time looking at the birds out our window, especially the soaring hawks.

  • Wonderful artworks Diana – I’ve so enjoyed having a look – you are very talented indeed!
    Yet another wonderful result being in lockdown. I do hope you’re continuing to produce more great art.
    Kind regards from Western Australia.

  • I loved this Diana! Yes I have made Elderflower syrup (when in Provence, not in Australia) so reading your blog post conjured good memories! Your illustrations are not just extremely well drafted but very beautiful. Perhaps I’ll ask you one day if I can publish it in our newsletter for ARTELIER PROVENCE later in 2021.
    Keep well.

  • Dimitri Aguero

    Good morning Diana
    This post is beautiful, elegant, and marvelous exactly like the Tuscany you reflect.
    I am happy you could enjoy this travel to Italy.

  • What an excellent blog post! That painting of the wall in Lucca brought me right back to my trip with Claire 35 years ago when we walked on top. Miss you and traveling with you!!

  • María

    Hola Diana, muchas gracias por tu reportaje de vacaciones navideñas y las acuarelas de los pájaros, son una nota entrañable y optimista en este período de inestabilidad
    Un abrazo

  • Rosa

    Muy bello, ameno, diverso, instructivo relato de tu estancia Diana. He comprendido globalmente sin traductor buscando algunas palabras en el ‘tumba burros’… Tus originales dibujos, tus fotos, la presentación muestran tu mirada astuta, perspicaz, pizpireta del alma de Buenos Aires. Muchas gracias Diana por este enriquecedor ‘taco de ojo’ justo antes de mi partida a esas latitudes. Con admiración, R

    • admin

      Gracias mucho Rosa! Aprecio especialmente tus pensamientos y espero escuchar tus proprias impresiones de B.A.

  • Helen

    Hi Diane,
    My name is Helen, from the US. Just discovered your wonderful site and I have been reading your writing and admiring your drawings/paintings. I saw that you attended Tarbes en Tango. A friend and I plan to go there this August. This is my first trip going to a Tango festival in France. Do you know of a budget AirBnB within walking distance of the event in Tarbes? I appreciate very much for any tips you can give.

    • Diana

      Hi there Helen,
      Thanks for contacting me. Sad to say, I have had to abandon tango, at least for a while, for foot problems. So I am not up to date on AirBnBs in Tarbes
      Have fun!

  • William Anthony Dawson

    Autumn has always been my favourite season. The winds of change bring thoughts. After a working lifetime British Columbia orcharding,, I live in Québec again on a country road a flame with yellow, red and orange through much of October. Favourite colours and month. We’ve planted two Ginkos, not just for their fall colour. I like the shape of the leaves so much. Straight out of Matisse, as are oak leaves.

    I you are a woman of depth and talent and energy. I happened on the right young woman somehow through those difficult four years.

    I remain a francophile. My companion speaks a beautiful French and is so very patient with my struggles. I read a lot in French. Pierre Lemaitre currently; from la Grande Bibliothèque in downtown Montréal.

    Diana, I’d like to know about Suzanne. The three of you of import in my life.

    Tony Dawson

    • Diana

      Hello there Tony! quite a surprise to find you on my site. Nice to hear from you. Thank you for your kind words. Suzanne is back again in Cambridge, MA, living alone after some difficult years in San Francisco. She’s OK. With our long lives, we all have been shaped by our many experiences. Interesting you did orcharding—it must have been a satisfying occupation, and meaningful too.
      Thank you for your kind words, and I am so glad you seem well.

  • Diana, I so enjoyed this synopsis of your time in Edinburgh along with your beautiful illustrations. I love how you value-add with a brief history as well as explanations of the local vernacular – ‘Gussie Haddie’ and wynds sound so poetic to me. A lovely post. FD

  • Seems like a wonderful exploration of the islands Diana. Beautiful illustrations and photos as well as history and descriptions – all with more of those incredibly poetic names (I was compelled to look up ‘Firth of Forth’). It’s oh so incredibly green and wet up there, which is no surprise! Very enjoyable read. FD

    • Diana

      Thank you Fiona for visiting my site. I mostly use it just to download after having experienced a new culture, and just to keep track of my paintings, so it is super nice to actually have someone whose opinion I value come and look. Thank you for your nice commentary!

  • You write beautifully Diana and your illustrations are a delight!
    I’m so glad you had such a wonderful visit with family and were fortunate enough to have mostly good weather as well – it sounds like it’s a truly beautiful part of the world. From your vivid descriptions I could imagine the gray coastal landscapes as works in water-colour. Thank you for a lovely read.

  • A great read. – thanks Diana.
    JL and I are heading to Cinque Terre, Lucca and Firenze in late September to early Oct, so loads of info here for us. Any more clues for accommodation will be appreciated – though we’re driving and will need to have secure parking. Have you read the novel by Sarah Winman: Still Life – partly set in Florence and very beautifully written. It has inspired us to visit Florence again – it’s been 40 years since our last visit so high time! FD

    • Diana

      I didn’t have a car, and stayed right behind the Plaza della Signoria which was super convenient.We were lucky as we traveled last year, before the hoards came back. We also stayed in the seaside town of Viareggio, which was pleasant and simple like Lavandou. Reconsider driving, unless you want to stop in the countryside to sketch, which I wasn’t able to do.There’s a great train system around there and we were able to go from the coast up to Florence, and also spend a day in Lucca, which I loved. We visited Cinque Terre via tour boat. I didn’t enjoy those villages as they are nothing but tourist traps (I liked the boat ride tho).they were packed, and I imagine will still be in Sept/Oct. Thanks for the book recommendation—always needing stuff to read!

  • Magda

    What a wonderful trip, and your description of it. A little remark, it’s not Halloween, it’s All-Saints celebration (la Toussaint), a strong catholic tradition we also have in Poland

    • Diana

      Hello Magda! Thank you for looking at my post. Where do you live? Poland is another country I’d like to visit. As for my calling the visit I made Halloween i used that term instead of All Saints’ Day is because I went on the night of Oct 31 and wasn’t sure whether the night before still constituted le Tous Saints. All the best!

  • I also liked reading this very much, Diana. All Saint’s Eve is fine in English, as far as I know. And the original Halloween means “(All) Hallow(s) e(v)en(ing)”. It’s true that Halloween has been coopted by capitalism but its roots lie in this word, hallow, to respect or honor greatly; revere, or to make holy or consecrate.

    Wikipedia confirms:
    “In the Western Christian practice, the liturgical celebration begins with its first Vespers on the evening of 31 October, All Hallows’ Eve (All Saints’ Eve), and ends at the compline of 1 November. It is thus the day before All Souls’ Day, which commemorates the faithful departed. In many traditions, All Saints’ Day is part of the season of Allhallowtide, which includes the three days from 31 October to 2 November inclusive, and in some denominations, such as Anglicanism, extends to Remembrance Sunday.[14][15][3] In places where All Saints’ Day is observed as a public holiday but All Souls’ Day is not, cemetery and grave rituals such as offerings of flowers, candles and prayers or blessings for the graves of loved ones often take place on All Saints Day.

    • Diana

      Nice to hear from you Heather! Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you and your family are well.

  • Irene Nelson

    Wow. What a wonderful trip. Thanks for sharing Diana. You are quite the travel writer!
    Love to you

  • Claire

    Thank you, dear friend, for documenting our marvelous trip together! I’ve passed along this link to many of my local friends when they ask what Slovenia is like — your words and images say it best. XXOO

    • Diana

      Hey, sharing the experience with you two was the best part of the trip!

  • Daniele Rudloff

    Hello Diana,
    I’m the friend of Pierre who had this dog you désigned on the old port .
    I just read your name on your printed card and Pierre wanted to thank you for it and the dog’s memory passed away from this Time

    • Diana

      So glad it helped Pierre with the sadness of losing that great dog!

  • Gaylord Burke

    Diana, thank you for sharing these paintings and especially your comments. I am having a similar problem trying to capture the “whole panorama” in a photograph and it usually fails because there is nothing anchor the scene. It’s all too confusing. I can’t blame it on my scanner and just have to eliminate all that’s non-essential and focus on more specific areas. It’s hard to control my reaction to a scene though.

  • Claire

    Wow, what a treasure you have created for each family to have and display. Each painting will now be passed down through the generations, kinda like a family bible. Only better!

  • Wonderful!
    Diana I felt almost immersed into your holiday as I recalled scenes and experiences from my own memory of visiting Seville and Granada (sadly not Cordoba) far too many years ago – love all the detail – even the clapping of the dancers hands … beautiful!
    The accompaniment of your beautiful illustrations make your recollections a joy to behold – as always. Thank you for sharing.

    • Diana

      Thank you Fiona, your comments are so encouraging—especially coming from you, whose taste I so admire!