I’ve lived in Aix now for a little over 10 years. It is an animated little town, and people watching is always rewarding. Here are two stereotypical guys taking their afternoon coffee. I don’t think the guy looking at the camera appreciated my taking his picture— in a silent comment: “Whaddru lookin’ at?”

Above, TOUGH GUYS Oil on board 50 x 38cm (19.5 x 15″) 100€

FAMILY Oil on board 38 x 50cm ((19.5 x 15″) NA

I’ve seen this family—almost always altogether, with their 2 beautiful dogs, many times around town. I don’t know their story, but I wanted to paint them, and asked if I could. I gave them the finished painting, though I don’t know if they have a home to put it in.

LA ROTONDE Oil on board 25 x 35cm (10 x 14″) 25€

At the beginning of the Cours Mirabeau is a turnabout the center of which has a huge fountain called “La Rotonde”. There are lots of places to sit and it is often crowded with tourists and locals alike. I spotted this priest giving advice to a young woman, and thought her body language indicated she wasn’t keen on taking it.

GIRLS ON THE PLAZA oil on board 28 x 35.5cm (11 x 14″) 40€

Aix is a student town and the kids gather in little groups everywhere. Their youth and beauty brightens the atmosphere. These young women are on the Place de la Mairie (in front of city hall).

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