Spirit Animal Portraits

This Christmas I combined my love of animals with my love for the members of my family. I often associate a person I know well with an animal which exhibits characteristics that correspond with his/her personality. Since I’ve known most of these people since their birth, I believe I know their inner essence. From what I’ve witnessed, the toddler & the adult are one and the same.

For each sub-family, I drew (ink & watercolor) the various members, along with a ruby-crowned kinglet, which represented me on one sheet of paper. I love the double-matted frames my framer constructed to go with the drawings, which had the characteristics written in gold ink that I had bought in Florence.

Sophie’s family in Beaconsfield, England
Nico’s family in Cambridge, MA
Thom & Cha (soon to in Bordeaux, France)
Camille’s family in Lyon, France
and Cathy & Bernard in Saint Cannat, France
  • Claire

    Wow, what a treasure you have created for each family to have and display. Each painting will now be passed down through the generations, kinda like a family bible. Only better!

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