Four Virtues

Linograph prints with stenciled type on blue matte 40 x 30cm (16 x 12″) 130€

In the mood to change media from painting all the time, I did these small linoleum prints of which subject I never tire: trees. I get different feelings from different trees.

To the sturdy, if rough, quality of pines, which can grow in the most uncomfortable-seeming environments, I’ve given the virtue of tenacity.

Graceful birches evolved to withstand strong winds through their flexibility.

Venerable oaks, though sometimes ungainly in their structure, can live for hundreds of years, growing more and more sturdy.

And to the charming Linden trees, I’ve assigned the virtue of sweetness/gentleness. Their fragrant flowers delight us in spring (and, dried, in infusions to warm us in winter), their elegant shape provides welcome shade in summer. Even in autumn, they charm with their golden leaves.

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