Artemesia Natural Perfume

An artisan-crafted, all-natural alternative to high-end department-store brands, Artemisia perfumes are crafted from a variety of elements. The branding challenge was to convey the craft while maintaining a modern, reassuring tone. The logo is based on fiddlehead ferns, which suggest both mystery and promise.

“Diana is a highly intelligent and talented designer. She took the time to understand my needs, after which she created a logo which took my breath away. She designed a website that was sophisticated and elegant, using a visual language that expresses the unique character of my fragrances. Sales have tripled and my business is getting the recognition I worked so long to achieve.”
—Lisa Fong, owner

Artemesia Natural Perfume logo

Artemesia Individual Fragrance page: “Voile”

Artemesia site Perfume selection Page

Artemesia site Perfume selection Page