Introducing kids to the sweet secret of honeysuckle never loses its appeal.

Honeysuckle illustration

No better place to be in the summertime than the South of France. Here’s a video with cicadas:
Cicadas can only sing when the temperature gets above 72 degrees F. And the ones here in Provence wait for even higher temperatures. I can relate to their temperature sensitivity— for example, I can only eat ice cream when the temperature goes above 80 degrees.

artisanal ice cream

Every country has its favorite summer drink. In England, the Pimm’s Cup #1 seems to be THE drink du choix, garnished with cucumbers and strawberries. And naturally, in the South of France, it’s a chilled glass of rosé:


rosé wine

Summer clichés that never get tired: lavender and butterflies…

butterfly AND Lavender






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