Throughout my design career, I’ve used eclectic yet related life experiences—in the visual arts, dance, and fashion—to create memorable work for a diverse group of clients. My history degree from McGill University taught me the value of research. Design training at Parsons and the School of the Visual Arts, in Manhattan, guided my instinctive interest in the arts into marketable channels; I also received an on-the-job education at design and advertising firms in Boston and New York. Thanks to my dance training, I was able to bring an insider’s perspective to my work as a catalog designer at Danskin, Inc. As a promotion designer at Vogue I made use of my appreciation of fashion and cosmetics while learning the rigorous standards of the world’s most prestigious fashion publication.I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in 1991 and worked on my own and in small creative teams until 2013, when I moved to France, where I now devote my energy to being a full-time painter, though I continue to practice design. I have dual US/EU citizenship and speak fluent French.

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