San Francisco Bay Area

Before moving to France, I lived in the beautiful San Francisco Bay area. The best thing about California was there before any humans showed up. Even so, I was inspired by the semi-natural landscapes created by the very important agricultural  piece of the state’s makeup.

Here’s a look at the early-blossoming almond trees


ORCHARD, oil on board (41 x 51cm) 



SLOUGH, SAN FRANCISCO BAY, oil on board (41 x 51cm) 


The seasons show themselves with subtle signs in that gentle climate, but I still thrilled at the first indications of Spring


EARLY SPRING, oil on board (41 x 51cm) 


And of course, there’s the fog…


BERKELEY FOG, oil on board (41 x 51cm) 


san Mateohills_606full

SAN MATEO HILLS, oil on board (30 x 51cm)


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